Barack Obama

American Dream meets the Chinese Dream: A Nightmare on Fuyao Avenue

American Factory is a 2019 documentary, distributed by Netflix and produced by Higher Ground (production company owned by Barack and Michelle Obama).

Obamaniaco- dépressif (réflexions d’un…) – Bernard Lyon

November 2008 article by Bernard Lyon on the election of Barack Obama.

Issues that Obama and Romney avoid

As the US election approaches, Noam Chomsky examines how similar the two candidates are on the biggest issues, and points out that only mass action, not voting, can change things.

“We have extended our hand, why do you clench your fist?”

On the Obama administration’s opposition to democracy in Egypt

Health care reform: the insurance lobby's triumph

Hospital Sign

The American people are acutely aware that the healthcare reform they received from the Obama administration has been the result of an immense number of compromises with both conservatives and private business interests. But few recognize just how corrupt those compromises became as deliberations over healthcare proceeded.

Wall Street Already Finding Loopholes in Financial Reform Legislation

Continuing in the tradition of watered down, pro-corporate legislation that the Obama administration is becoming infamous for, new reports are surfacing that banks and financial institutions may continue to get away with the same risky trading and investment practices that landed us in a recession.

Organizing for America and the “Enthusiasm Gap”

WASHINGTON — Democrats desperately need other Democrats – to vote. – Liz Sidoti, of the Huffington Post

The 2010 Senate elections are barely a month away, and Democrats across the country are getting worried.

In a new poll released last month by Public Policy Polling, Quantifying the Enthusiasm Gap, pollsters have found that in 10 key Senate and gubernatorial races across the country, Republicans are leading by wider margins.

US Judge Dismisses Hearing into Guantánamo "Suicides"

A US federal Judge dismissed a complaint Wednesday (9/29) brought by the families of two Guantánamo prisoners that alleged that the circumstances surrounding the men's deaths had been covered up when they were declared suicides by the Pentagon in June of 2006. Read the full article at

Been there, done that - a look at the US banking "reform"

Your pay, sir.

There’s a reason American workers aren’t paying much attention to the new financial regulations. And no, it isn’t out of “apathy.”

Obama, Netanyahu and their embarrassingly effective PR

The stories of the US and Israel's feud bares more resemblance to gossip mag hysteria than news, and for good reason too.