Papua New Guinea

Direct actions in solidarity with the people of West Papua

Three short articles from Black Flag #219 (2000).

Security guards murder locals scavenging for gold in Papua New Guinea

Private security guards employed by ‘Barrick Gold’, aided by local police have killed at least five miners at the Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea. The shootings came after mine security confronted a group of 300 locals who they deemed to be ‘illegal miners’ and ‘trespassers’. Barrick Gold – the world’s largest producer of gold - has a long history of using violence, gang rape, and murder against their workers, and local people in Papua New Guinea. Barrick founder and owner, Peter Munk, claimed that ‘gang rape’ is just a ‘cultural habit’.

Workers' struggles in East Asia (July 2011)

Mine workers in Indonesia on strike

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around East Asia during July 2011 and related resources. The most important stories appear on my Twitter feed as soon as I find them: There is also this news forum thread for China.

Workers' struggles around Asia (September 2009)

A round-up of links to reports about workers' struggles around Asia (excluding China). Updated 1/10/2009.

Papua New Guinea: Wildcat causes millions in losses

Ongoing wildcat action by striking workers has caused millions of dollars in losses for a massive mining project.

Precious metals - struggle and repression in Papua

The battle over Papua’s copper and gold deposits is heating up as locals fight back against their exploiters, reports Rob Ray