Peter Arshinov

The Two Octobers - Peter Arshinov/Piotr Archinov

Peter Arshinov's short history of the Russian Revolution. First published in English by the Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists as part of Libertarian Communist Review #1, then made available online at the website.

Libertarian Communist Review #1 (Winter 1974)

The first issue of Libertarian Communist Review, with articles on Leninism and the idea of the revolutionary party, the need for "sectarianism" and hostility to the Leninist groups, the economic crisis, Arshinov on the Russian Revolution, notes on Russian state capitalism, and reviews of recent publications including The Tyranny of Structurelessness.

The best is yet to come: a review of Mitchell Abidor’s edition of the Anarchist Encyclopedia

Sébastien Faure

A review of Mitchell Abidor's translated abridgment of the Anarchist Encyclopedia, an immense, collaborative work produced largely by the French 'grand old man' Sébastien Faure. Abidor's contribution is valuable, but leaves us wanting more.

La du Oktobroj: Petro Arĉinof

Eseo sur la temo de la Oktobro Rusa Revolucio, kaj la kontraŭrevolucian rolon de la bolŝevisto partio.

The Old and New in Anarchism: A Reply to Comrade Malatesta

Piotr Arshinov's 1928 reply to Errico Malatesta.

History of the Makhnovist movement, 1918-1921 - Peter Arshinov

Nestor Makhno, with comrades

The full text of Peter Arshinov's definitive history of the revolutionary Ukrainian guerrilla movement led by anarchist Nestor Makhno.