Marie E.J. Pitt, 1869-1948

Marie Pitt

A short biography of Australian radical poet, feminist and ecologist Marie EJ Pitt, written by PD Gardner. We reproduce the article in its original form, although readers should be aware that although it is stated Pitt was an anarchist, she was a member of the Socialist Party, and abhorrent racist views she held, like opposition to interracial relationships, are not mentioned.

Medina Onrubia de Botana, Salvadora Carmen, 1894-1972

Salvadora Carmen Medina Onrubia

A short biography of Argentinian feminist anarchist poet and writer Salvadora Carmen Medina Onrubia de Botana, written by Cristina Guzzo.

Poems, Lyrics, and Sonnets

Poems, Lyrics, and Sonnets by Louisa Sarah Bevington, published 1882. Copy from Victorian Women Writers Project.


Key-Notes poem by Louisa Sarah Bevington. Copy from Victorian Women Writers Project.

Andrea, Virgilia d', 1890-1933

Virgilia d'Andrea: anarchist, anti-fascist, teacher, poet

A short biography of Virgilia d'Andrei, an Italian anarchist teacher, anti-fascist and poet.

Freedom's crooked scars: John Cornford in Spain

John Cornford, 1936

A biographical, political, and literary introduction to John Cornford, the first man to go from England to fight the fascist takeover in Spain in 1936 - a poet, a revolutionary, and a military and political leader.

Notebook of Return to My Native Land

Notebook of Return to My Native Land

Césaire's famous poem has been described as a 'seminal text in Surrealist, French and Black literatures'.

Individual, class and nation in Spain, 1936–1939 - Juan McIver

Juan McIver looks at the Spanish Civil War and the work of poet and playwright Federico García Lorca

Crystal-gazing the amber fluid and other Wobbly poems

A short book of poetry by anarchist artist Carlos Cortez, a long-time member of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Anarchy #110

Issue of Anarchy magazine from April 1970, this magazine is a collection of poems by Tim Daly.