Point Blank

At dusk: The Situationist movement in historical perspective

Published by the Berkley based group Perspectives in 1975 At Dusk was the first extensive critical text released on the Situationist International after its dissolution in 1972. Although there is much to critique in the arguments put forward in the text, it is an important historical document in terms of understanding the critical reception of the Situationists in the United States.

Disinterest compounded daily: A critique of Point-Blank as a revolutionary organisation and a few proposals for the supersession of situationism

Two former participants in the 1970s US situationist grouping Point Blank, Gina Rosenberg and Chris Shutes, critique the organisation.

The power of the councils - Point Blank!

American Situationist magazine Point Blank! on workers' councils.

The changing of the guard - Point Blank!

US Situationist magazine Point Blank!'s 1970s article on capitalism and the spectacle.

The Show Is Over! - Point Blank

From 1970s situationist journal, Point Blank! Analysis of the state of the world and the class struggle in 1972. Subtitled "Theses on the end of the Cold War."

Self management and the Spanish revolution - Point Blank

An article by Situationist journal Point Blank on the militias and workers' councils during the Spanish Revolution.

Strange defeat: The Chilean revolution, 1973 - Pointblank!

An article by Situationist group Pointblank! written in October 1973 about the coup in Chile which deposed elected left-wing leader Salvador Allende.