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Sex work: Solidarity not salvation

An article by an Australian Wobbly sex worker advocating solidarity and syndicalism. Orginally published in the Autumn issue of Direct Action, the newspaper of the Australian IWW. Reprinted in issue #1745, May 2012, of the IWW's newspaper Industrial Worker.

To the would-be sex work abolitionist, or, 'ain't I a woman'?

In the following article, Sarah M, a sex worker in Canada who would like to “exit” the industry, replies to several articles written by the abolitionist Meghan Murphy. Sarah does not recognise herself in Murphy’s discourse, arguing that she constructs a false debate between feminists and the “sex work lobby”, prioritises ideology over the immediate demands of sex workers and proposes a patronising, ineffective and unrealistic alternative model in the “Nordic Model”.

Forget victimisation: Granting agency to migrants

Laura Agustín, lifelong migrant and and author of Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry, explores the concept of migrancy, exposes the prejudices in what is meant by the term and proposes another vision, in which less advantaged people are granted ordinary human autonomy.

An unlikely mobilization: The occupation of Saint-Nizier church by the prostitutes of Lyon

A journal article by Lilian Mathieu which examines the occupation of Saint-Nizier church in Lyon, June 1975 by prostitutes protesting against police repression. It highlights the difficulties these politically inexperienced women encountered in mobilizing, namely preventing defections and choosing an appropriate mode of action; difficulties they were able to surmount thanks to resources provided by outside supporters endowed with practical knowledge in matters of collective action. Despite this assistance, however, the prostitutes' mobilization quickly declined and soon expired, in part because of the leaders' defection.

Helping women who sell sex: The construction of benevolent identities

An article by Laura María Agustín on the emergence of 'benevolent' identities during the 'rise of the social' who saw their role as helping working-class women who sold sex, thus constructing 'prostitutes' as pathetic victims to the detriment of their agency and autonomy.

Response to: Prostitution is not compatible with anarchism

This is a response to the authors of the leaflet distributed at the "Sex work and Anarchism" workshop at the London Anarchist Bookfair 2011 (the original leaflet is reproduced below).

F*cked by the Dildo Shop - Zoe Noe

A tale of the toil of work in a cooperative sex shop.

Your Knife in my Life

tale of toil by linda thomas

Poles 'n holes: Working in the porn biz

Pornography worker Chaz Bufe on work, sexuality and censorship in America. We do not agree with all of it (for the reasons outlined by Commie Princess in the comments below) but reproduce it for reference.

Fantasy's Legal, Reality's Not

A sex worker's take on prostitution and the sex industry.