Shawn Hattingh

South Africa: The state's brutality

The article looks at recent notable acts of repression by the South African state directed at protestors and strikers. Linked to this it looks at what this says about the nature of the South African state, the basis of its economy and the ruling class

Venezuela and the ‘Bolivarian revolution’: Beacon of hope or smoke and mirrors?

Shawn Hattingh looks beyond the figure of Hugo Chavez and analyses Venezuelan style ‘Socialism for the Twenty First Century’.

What the Marikana massacre highlights

Cape Town anarchist Shawn Hattingh on the Marikana massacre.

Andries Tatane: Murdered by the ruling classes

Andries Tatane during his beating by police

South African activist Andries Tatane was buried in the small rural town of Ficksburg yesterday. He was murdered by the police on a demonstration of four and a half thousand people last week. Shawn Hatting from the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front has developed the first libertarian communist response to the last of a growing number of police murders of grassroots activists in South Africa.

Take Back What’s Yours: the Mine-Line Occupation in Johannesburg

Shawn Hatting from the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front on the Mine-Line Factory Occupation in Johannesburg

The Kronstadt Rebellion: Still Significant 90 Years On

Shawn Hattingh, from the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front in South Africa, on the Kronstadt Rebellion.

Workers Creating Hope: Factory Occupations and Self-Management

South African anarchist Shawn Hattingh on factory occupations. This article was originally published in 2009.

Electricity in South Africa

The Kennedy Road Shack Settlements Burns

The article looks at how the state and the rich are using Eskom to subsidise giant corporations with cheap electricty in South Africa and are making the working class pay for this. The impact of this on people has been devastating, cut-offs have risen, prices have sky-rocketed and jobs have been slashed. The article goes on to argue that only direct action by the working class can reverse this. It then provides some thoughts on how struggles for immediate gains, like electricity, could be used to build a movement that could fight to replace the state and capitalism with an anarchist communist society .

The elite and community protests in South Africa

Shawn Hattingh gives an anarchist view on the community and workers revolt sweeping South Africa.