Egypt: Labor and professional syndicates join popular uprising

Egypt is currently witnessing unprecedented labor and professional unrest in parallel to the popular uprising which has swept through the country since 25 January.

High seas adventures: ocean crossings in search of the revolutionary Atlantic

A banana ship worker's account of his work and relationships on a ship with an international crew.

Cuba: dockers successfully block the exportation of scarce rice reserves

Dockworkers at the port of Havana had struck and blockaded the port, refusing to load a shipment of rice bound for Haiti, pointing to a chronic national shortage.

River workers' strike over - deal struck - but strike wave grows

The Bangladeshi river vessel strike ends - but other strikes keep rolling...

River transport strike paralyses Bangladesh

A week-long strike of river vessel and port workers continues, despite severe state repression.

Capital moves: transport and logistics

An analysis of the global transport and distribution industry, particularly with respect to the advent of "just-in-time" delivery and the implications for the working class.

No go, P&O! - Thames Valley Class Struggle Group

Leaflet produced as an intervention into the 1988-1989 strike by P&O ferry workers against attacks on their working conditions.

Dover port workers to resume strike action this Thursday

Workers at Dover port are to launch a three day strike from Thursday.

Coastguards in 48 hour bank holiday strike

Office workers in the Maritime and Coastguard Agency strike over poor pay.