Single Status

Edinburgh Muckraker

Online archive of the Edinburgh Muckraker, a bulletin initiated by anarchist supporters of, eventually victorious, striking refuse workers in Edinburgh who were facing pay cuts in the name of "equal pay" during the council's "single status" changes.

Caroline Lucas: Green scab

Caroline Lucas: scab

Caroline Lucas (aka St Caroline), Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, today proudly tweeted she had scabbed on the Brighton refuse workers' strike despite her earlier claims of support.

Women council workers in Bury win equal pay legal battle

Last week council workers in Bury won a legal battle over discriminatory bonuses. Although dubbed the “dinner ladies” case by the media, the settlement covers cleaners, carers and many other grades of council employees.

Edinburgh Workers stand up to council cuts

Rubbish piles up as a work to rule bites

Manual workers employed by City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) are approaching the sixth month of a dispute over the implementation of its equal pay adjustment.

April 24 – hundreds of thousands to walk out

On Thursday April 24 thousands of civil servants, coastguards, council workers, FE lecturers and charity workers will join a national teachers strike of 200,000.

20,000 Birmingham council workers to strike

20,000 GMB, UNISON, AMICUS, TGWU (Unite) and UCATT members will strike alongside teachers and lecturers against council plans to use ‘Single Status’ negotiations to cut pay and jobs.

Key workers strike over single status

The bitter dispute over single status is growing with more strike action being taken by the City Parking Attendants and members of support staff at Holbrook Primary School.