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Class Struggles in the USSR, Third Period: 1930-1941 - Charles Bettelheim

Class Struggles in the USSR, Third Period: 1930-1941 - Charles Bettelheim

French Marxist Charles Bettelheim's huge work covering the class struggle in the USSR from 1930 to 1941. Split into two parts, 'The Dominated' (looking at the experiences and resistance of workers and peasantry under the ruling Communist Party) and 'The Dominators' (looking at the machinations of the ruling party itself).

Las promesas rotas de Vietnam

“La revolución de las ratas” — Diều Hâu.

Una crítica anarquista vietnamita al llamado “socialismo” de Vietnam.
A translation of our piece “The Broken Promises of Vietnam” into Spanish. Translated by Grupo Anarquista Aurora.

Vietnam and Labor Unions

These workers risk their life working without safety protection in Binh Thuan Pr

Vietnam, being the equivalent of a social democracy, places prime importance on “workers rights” (officially anyway). That’s why the government allows the existence of party-approved trade unions who can only legally be represented by one party approved national organization - Left-Communist Group of Vietnam

The Broken Promises of Vietnam

 “A Rats' Revolution” by Diều Hâu.

A Vietnamese anarchist critique of the so-called “socialism” of Vietnam.
See also the video version by veritas et caritas here. Also available in Gerrman, Spanish, French, Greek and Vietnamese.

The current state of the struggle in Bolivia

Demonstration during August strike in El Alto, Bolivia, 2020.

After having narrated the events leading to the coup, we return to Bolivia with the aim of analyzing what has been happening since November of last year until today.

A Critique of State Socialism - Mikhail Bakunin and Richard Warren

A comic book critique of state socialism, based on writings by Mikhail Bakunin with additional text and drawings by Richard Warren. First published by Cienfuegos Press in 1981, this PDF was made available by Crimethinc.

Building the Revolutionary Party? - Geoff Foote

An article by Geoff Foote critically examining the idea of a "revolutionary party". This article was first published by the Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists in Libertarian Communist Review #1, and then made available online by the website.

A Letter to Intellectuals Who Hide Behind the Word “Purity”

A commentary responding to the Monthly Review Online piece “A letter to intellectuals who deride revolutions in the name of purity” on the question of revolution and state power. This article was previously published by the Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation.