Syriza's first month

A month since its election Syriza has moved far from its anti-austerity, anti-bailout rhetoric.

The pitfalls of radical electoralism

The second in a series looking at and debunking specific 'tactical voting' strategies and election narratives from an anti-electoral perspective.

Syriza and social movements: between big risks and some opportunities. An interview with AK Athens

An interview by infoaut with Spyros Tz, a comrade of AlfaKappa Athens, about the social and political context in Greece that will be affected by the electoral victory of SYRIZA.

Syriza at the gates - Spyros Dapergolas

An article by Spyros Dapergolas from the newspaper of the Swedish syndicalist union, SAC, about the limitations of a Syriza victory in Greece.

After the election of Syriza in Greece - power is not in parliament

An article by Andrew Flood that looks at the impact and possibilities of a Syriza victory in Greece.

Election developments in Greece

The results of last weekend's European and Local elections have done little to change the political landscape of Greece. However, they are another sign of the fragmentation of the political scene.

Greece: When the state turns antifa

Greece's powerful far right party, Golden Dawn, is being repressed. This is a detailed account and analysis of the organisation and the actions of the Greek state which, after encouraging it, has now turned on it.

Is SYRIZA a workers’ government in waiting?

Barry Biddulph disagrees with British Trotskyist group Workers Power and their view of the viability of a 'workers government' initiated by the Greek socialist party, SYRIZA.

Notes on the non election of Syriza and the retreat from anti-capitalism by the left

Andrew Flood on the left's fascination with SYRIZA and what their politics actually amount to.

Greece: Trying to understand SYRIZA - Paul Mason

Alexis Tsipras

Paul Mason on SYRIZA, a previously lesser known leftist political party in Greece which has surged ahead in the polls as voters have become disillusioned with the major pro-austerity parties.