UK riots

Rebellion in Tottenham, 2011

Video of raw footage and interviews with Tottenham locals about the reality of the community before, during and after the riots of 2011.

The tendency of state legitimacy to fall

This blog has been planned for ages, but has somewhat been superseded by the shift to ‘technocratic’ rule in Greece and Italy. Nonetheless, hopefully it’s a useful hypothesis on state legitimacy.

London burns - causes and consequences of the riots - an anarchist perspective

An analysis of the August riots by the Workers' Solidarity Movement, an Irish anarchist organisation.

The animals and children took to the streets

Esme Appleton as Agnes Eives

A review of the play by 1927, who knew the UK riots were going to happen before everyone else did

Ed and Edward on the ‘moral economy’

The era of riots (update)

This is an introduction and update to the text "The transitional phase of crisis: The era of riots" by Greek communist group Blaumachen.

Fanon, spontaneity and the English insurrections

Nigel Gibson on the UK riots.

The untapped revolutionary potential of wayward youth and juvenile delinquents

A piece written shortly before the London riots, made far more relevant by them, and now with a small post-riot introduction.

The Prince and the Pauper

Aftermath: the new normal

Cities, Riots, Maps, The Black Act & the 'new normal'. Pierce Penniless on the UK riots