The Beloit Iron Works and the submergence of class struggle

The history of class struggle in the Beloit Iron Works and how the company responded to it and kept it to a minimum.

IWW report on the political situation in Wisconsin

Report of the situation Wisconsin from the secretary of the Madison Industrial Workers of the World branch with which we do not necessarily agree but reproduce here for reference.

Wisconsin's lost strike moment

An analysis of the shortcomings of the movement in Wisconsin. While we do not agree with all of its content or conclusions, we reproduce it here for reference.

Resistance issue 131, April 2011

Full text and PDF of the Anarchist Federation's monthly bulletin.

Union Leadership Stands in the Way of Working People in Wisconsin

In a surprise legislative maneuver last month, Republican legislators in Madison, Wisconsin, passed a bill which severely limits the collective bargaining rights of most state workers.

Resistance issue 130, March 2011

Full pdf and text of the Anarchist Federation's free paper.

Wisconsin: "Changed, if at all..."

Brief article from the site, Burnt Bookmobile meant as a follow-up to a previous interview.

Wisconsin: South Central Federation of Labor's general strike packet

The general strike packet that the education committee of the South Central Federation of Labor distributed to its affliate unions in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin: Why a general strike hasn't happened yet...

An attempt to identify some factors that have prevented a general strike from breaking out in Wisconsin.

Schoolkids walkout and march in Ithaca NY

LACS walkout

Students from the Lehman Alternative Community School walked out in solidarity with Wisconsin and democracy.