Workers Group

Protests in HK: a talk with the 'Workers Group'

The following interview was made over internet during the month of August. Comrades from different countries – some Bad Kids of the World – made questions about the anti-extradition movement to the Workers Group, a proletarian collective based in Hong Kong. We want to understand how the mass protests relates to the broader context of class struggle in the region. The text is being published simultaneously in English, French and Portuguese.

List otwarty do delegacji robotniczych udających się z Ameryki i Europy do Rosji (1927)


List opracowany przez międzynarodowych lewicowych komunistów zaadresowany do delegacji robotniczych udających się do Rosji w 1927 r. Autorzy proszą członków delegacji o odnalezienie lewicowych komunistów więzonych na Syberii, Miasnikowa z Grupy Robotniczej, i dostarczenie informacji na temat ich stanu.

The latest deception - Gabriel Miasnikov

In this essay first published in 1930 in France, the founder of the Workers Group denounces the bureaucracy that he claims seized power in a “coup d’état” in 1920 at the Ninth Congress of the CPSU(b)—its “latest deception” being its fraudulent appeals for “freedom of criticism” and “self-criticism” after a series of revolts by workers and peasants in the early to mid-1920s—and calls for a restoration of proletarian democracy (as exemplified by the Paris Commune) by democratizing the functions exercised by bureaucratic State institutions (production, distribution, oversight) and replacing them with Soviets (“Councils”), cooperatives and trade unions.

The Communist Left in Russia after 1920 - Ian Hebbes


A re-evaluation by the late Ian Hebbes of the continued existence of a Left Communist opposition within the USSR up until the 1930s.

Bolshevik opposition to Lenin: G. T. Miasnikov and the Workers' Group - Paul Avrich

Gavril Miasnikov, centre, with other Bolsheviks.

Paul Avrich's article from 1984 about G.T. Miasnikov and the Workers' Group

Lenin, Also - Ante Ciliga

Chapter 9 of Book 3 of Ante Ciliga's extraordinary book The Russian Enigma, originally published as In The Land of The Great Lie.