The Scala file: a case history of state provocation, 1978


Feb 20 2010 02:38

The Scala fire was a tremendous set-back for the CNT-AIT as an organization.....and a human tradegy for the workers who were killed. The CNT-AIT was gaining organizational strength in the years following its post-Franco above ground work. La Sacla created a scare and a repression that hit the CNT-AIT hard.

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Feb 20 2010 12:40

Yes, it was a very important event. The CNT after Franco's death mushroomed greatly, with up to half a million members joining by around 1977 I believe.

The Scala bombing was a big part of the state's attempt to break the organisation, and unfortunately did help galvanise what became a very vicious split in the organisation which was one of the main reasons for its situation today, having fewer than 10,000 members (5000?).

This article doesn't contain much about the relevance of this bombing to the fate of the CNT, but it does analyse the role of the state in it well.

On the bombing itself, it was obviously a frame-up, firstly because that would not be an anarchosyndicalist tactic, and secondly because the people killed were CNT members working at the nightclub, and even if the CNT were crazy terrorists why would they want to blow up their own members?

I thought it was important to scan this because I had a look round the internet and could not find a single article or mention of it anywhere!

Feb 20 2010 14:03

Comrade, I believe your numbers are off (said in a friendly manner). The CNT was able to attract large numbers in the immediate post-Franco period, for sure. More to follow.