A world without money: communism - Les Amis de 4 Millions de Jeunes Travailleurs

A world without money: communism - Les Amis de 4 Millions de Jeunes Travailleurs

Un Monde Sans Argent: Le Communisme was originally published in three parts, as three separate pamphlets, in France, between 1975-6. It was produced by Dominique Blanc, shortly after the dissolution of the Organisation des Jeunes Travailleurs révolutionnaires. The name Quatre Millions de Jeune Travailleurs was apparently 'adopted' from a 1971 PSU youth publication (Parti Socialiste Unifié - a French Socialist Party), presumably to satisfy French publishing laws, and texts continued to be published under this name through the 1970's including the widely distributed tract A Bas Le Proletariat/Vive Le Communisme.


  1. What is Communism?
    • Science Fiction?
  2. Communism or Capitalism?
    • The Corkscrews
    • The Capitalist Mode of Production
    • Private Property
    • Profit
    • Wage Labour and Industrialisation
    • The State and Capitalism
    • Recuperation
    • Primitive Society
    • Marx and Engels
  3. The End of Property
    • What is Property?
    • The Agrarian Question
    • From Scarcity to Abundance
    • The Transformation of Products
  4. Beyond Work
    • Work and Torture
    • Science and Automation
    • Class Society and Robotics
    • Remuneration
    • Laziness
    • Allocation of Tasks
    • Undesirable Jobs
    • The End of Separations
    • Production and Consumption
    • Production and Education
  5. Money and the Estimation of Costs
    • Money
    • Congratulations
    • The Law of Value
    • Free Distribution
    • Labour Time
    • Fanciful
    • Elevator or Stairs?
    • Calculation
    • Comparisons
  6. Beyond Politics
    • The End of the State
    • The Workers' Councils
    • Democracy
    • The Electoral Circus
    • The Strike
    • The Party
  7. Insurrection and Communization
    • Violence
    • The Army
    • Vengeance
    • Reconversion
    • Rupture
    • Internationalism
  8. Proletariat and Communism
    • Lenin
    • Bourgeois and Proletarians
    • Waiting for Godot
  9. Becoming Human
    • History
    • Communism among the Guarani
    • The Levellers
    • Scientific Socialism
    • Communist Activity
    • Activity and Program
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Mar 14 2013 06:49

The Socialist Party of Great Britain also found this pamphlet significant and they too published an extract of it in their journal.

http://www.worldsocialism.org/spgb/socialist-standard/1970s/1979/no-899-... with the comment

We publish it because not only does it give a clear enough picture of future society, but it also shows what we have always held, that the spread of socialist ideas does not depend exclusively on our own efforts because capitalism itself generates the idea of socialism

Mar 14 2013 10:15

Hopefully someone will get round to an english translation of Part Three which together with the first two parts will demonstrate it's clear superiority over the approach of the spgb (and a good few anarchists as well) even if they share a formal commitment to a future communist society.

Apr 17 2013 07:30

Un mundo sin dinero: el comunismo www.comunizacion.klinamen ...
comunizacion.org/UMSD%20I%20.pdf - Traduire cette page
Format de fichier: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Version HTML
Page 1. Un mundo sin dinero: el comunismo www.comunizacion.klinamen.org. 1. Page 2. Un mundo sin dinero: el comunismo ...

Apr 20 2013 02:57

I think the guys that wrote this are fascists now.
Check the site of one of them. The other, Dominique Blanc is mentioned there as well. http://www.tillenon.com/index.php?id=yann-ber_tillenon_breizh35

Apr 24 2013 12:30

Don't read French I'm afraid or have any other update on the original authors.

Ideological 'flip-flops' are not unknown in our milieu but if vermelho's claim turns out to be true this would be suprising and particularly disapointing.

I don't think it undermines the value of these original texts in the library however.

Apr 25 2013 01:01

I translated the text to Portuguese and agree with you in the matter of disapointment and of the irrelevance of that to the importance of the text.
I would like to substantiate better the claims I made. There was a Wikipedia article about that guy that said he and Dominique Blanc were the authors of the text and provided the link to his present site.
Maybe someone more knowlegdable could help us on this.

Apr 25 2013 01:34

From memory there's a detailed account by Gilles Dauve of Blanc and Guillaume's move to holocaust denial in La Banquise' Re-collecting our past.

Apr 25 2013 11:28


Thanks for that reminder. I think age is affecting my memory since I/we had past connections with La Banquise and other groups mentioned in this text and recall the contentious issues raised around 'holocaust denial' in the context of an otherwise genuine attempt at a critique of democracy and antifacism, though the names of those involved also escaped me. This self-critical text is valuable in explaining the root of past errors and the folly of individual pride.

Felix Frost
Apr 25 2013 20:50

According to French Wikipedia, Jean-Pierre Tillenon is a supporter of the fascist think tank GRECE, set up by Alain de Benoist. He has also set up his own far-right Breton separatist organization, Kêrvreizh, togehter with Dominique Blanc.

From the Kêrvreizh web site:

Depuis le Troisième Emsav nous avons une langue unifiée, d'Etat et d'université ainsi qu'une idéologie politique enracinée dans le polythéisme de notre tradition celtique et indo-européenne, c'est le fédéralisme .
Le fédéralisme nous distingue radicalement des Bretons régionaux influencés par le jacobinisme français. Les clivages "gauche/droite", "bien/mal", "facho/pas facho" ne sont que les transpositions du "Dieu/Diable" de la mentalité monothéiste : ils sont totalement dépassés.

Google translation:

Since the Third Emsav we have a unified language, state and university as well as rooted in polytheism our Celtic tradition and Indo-European political ideology is federalism.
Federalism radically distinguishes us from regional Britons influenced by French Jacobinism. Cleavages "left / right", "good / bad", "fascist / not fascist" are the transpositions of "God / Devil" of the monotheistic mindset: they are totally overwhelmed.

If you want some documentation in English, you can check out this press release from a conference Tillenon participated in some years ago, titled "The White World's Future" :

Aug 20 2019 15:14

So despite the tragic political trajectory of two of the claimed authors of this text, the eventual appearance of an english translation of the third part just now is very welcome. Apart from the unavoidably dated nature of some of the practical examples and references and a little meandering toward the conclusion, in it's fundamental approach it does not disapoint our expectations on reading the earlier appearance of the first two parts. Does anyone know if there were any critical reviews of the whole text around after it first appeared in French in 1976?
Edit: And since I can't add another text to this in my profile favourites account I would just mention this as a worthwhile further elaboration of my own views here:

Ian Schlom
Aug 18 2021 21:51

I made eBooks of this. Unfortunately I can't edit this page so I can't attach them as files. You can download them, though, in my mediafire library (bit.ly/CommunistEPUBs): EPUB and MOBI.

Aug 19 2021 10:15

Thanks Ian, I have uploaded them.

You can ask to be given editng powers on this thread:

Aug 25 2021 04:29

Inactive for many years, here is the Dominique Blanc/Yann-Ber Tillenon website. As you can see from the menu at left on this particular page -- http://www.kervreizh.eu/index.php?id=191 -- it hosts the text 'A world without money ...'.

Whether, despite that, they are, incongruously, fascists etc (or anything much other than Druid-mystical Breton nationalists), interested non-readers of French can judge for themselves by pasting text into www.deepl.com/en/translator .