Zerowork journal

Zerowork journal

Comprehensive online archive of the Zerowork journal, an autonomist Marxist-influenced magazine based in the US which published two issues between 1975 and 1977.

Some articles retrieved from the excellent


Mar 17 2013 14:43

Bump, as this is now complete - with everything which is available online, and possibly everything which is available generally as only a couple of unpublished bits from issue 3 are not here which perhaps were not even written. So clarification on this would be useful if anyone knows!

Mar 31 2013 14:51

Amazing! I have wanted to get my hands on this great collection for such a long time! can't wait to devour all these texts!

Dec 14 2013 01:52

There are, indeed, a few more "bits" to be added to the section of on issue 3. Also forthcoming on that site are historical accounts of the genesis and evolution of the Zerowork collective and its work. The first installment: "Background: The Genesis of Zerowork #1" - examines the political and theoretical roots of the journal's perspective and provides brief biographical sketches of the editors - will be uploaded fairly soon. The subsequent two installments "Background: From Zerowork #1 to Zerowork #2" and "Background: From Zerowork #2 to Zerowork #3" will take longer. There will also be quite a few more documents added to the website to facilitate research by those wishing to know more about the influences that shaped the thinking of the editors and materials they generated besides the journal.

Dec 14 2013 12:01

Great, thanks for the info and keep up with the good work on the zero work site, look forward to the new additions!