1970 oral history interview with Ernest DeMaio

DeMaio and supporters gather at the Chicago Federal Building in 1952 to protest

An oral history interview conducted with Ernest DeMaio, one of the founders of the United Electrical and Radio Workers Union (UE).

Submitted by Juan Conatz on May 29, 2015


-Early life

-Organizing the unemployed


-A.F.L. in the '30's

-Organizing Machinists

-Organizing Electrical Workers

-Radical Politics in the '30s

-Organizing the C.I.O.

-Red Baiting the C.I.O.

-American opposition to Fascism

-Post World War II

-Organizing Steelworkers

-Red Baiting by C.I.O. Leaders

-Alliance for Labor Action

-U.E.'s Relations with other unions

-U.E.'s position in the Labor Movement

-Support for Humphrey, 1940's

-Organizing in Chicago

-Battle for leadership in union and local politics

-Operation Dixie