The Abolition of the Queen, Lords and Commons - Dan Chatterton, The Scorcher

Addressed to the Prime Minister of the day - Chatterton's Communist programme for overthrowing the ruling class; abolition of Royalty, Houses of Lords and Commons; disbanding of Army, Navy and Police forces and an end to Imperialist rule abroad; to be achieved, if necessary, by bloody guerilla war; the establishment of a People's Commune implementing one hour's work a day for all..

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Published in the 1890s in Chatterton's self-published paper, The Atheistic Communistic Scorcher, as the front page of no. 31.

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a open letter to

William. Ewart. Gladstone.

By Chat.

William. Ewart. Gladstone.

'I. Dan. Chatterton. Atheist, & Communist, - In Revolt against the Plunder. Blunder. - & Bloody Murder, of Kingcraft, Priestcraft, Aristocracy, Landocrasy, - Moneyocrasy, that - cursed the workers life for years. Demand - that the Fraud, (called) Parliament, At once, - Rescind any Act of Succession, - to Victoria-Guelph. Queen of England. - Her (so called) Heirs, to the Throne of England. 'That all Money Payment, be Stopped Instanter, Giving; Her the order to Clear Out at once, - 'That the House of Lords, be declared an Illegal asemblage of Scoundrels, 'Is Abolished.

Then Disband Army, Navy & Police Force. - Withdrawing our Accursed Rule, from India, China, Zulu, our many Colonies. - Bringing home Ships Armmaments and Men. Leaving them with - Wales, Scotland, Ireland, - Free to the Supreme Voice - of each Peoples. Free from a Blasted Despotism, of Brutal, Bloody, English Rule. -

Finaly, Abolish the House of Commons. Yielding Possession to the People, who will be Supreme, We. will be there 'Me Thinks, The Bugle Sound calling the People, - To their own Senate, To take Instant action to formulate the Structure of A Glorious Commune.

No Poverty, - Disease, or Death. As too Day. 'This Is Our First Duty.

William. Ewart. Gladstone.

'Will You Do This.? - We Think Not. - What Then,? A Bitter Bloody Guerila War, Fight, & Retreat, If Needfull, Fight & Retreat, every Inch of Ground, Untill We destroy You, - In Details of a Bloody Extermination. -

Sisters, Brothers, - Not Too Much Work, One, Hour, - a Day for every Woman, & Man, 'How will You Get It.? - By Intelligent Industry, Stamping Out Brutal Idleness, - 'Vive La Commune

Dan Chatterton



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Cheers for this and other Chatterton-related stuff.


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Chatterton-Maoism thought

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You appear to know little about Maoism, Chatterton or the Paris Commune which was his apparent inspiration.