The Activist vol.15 #1-2 1975 - Wages for Housework issue

The Activist - A Student Journal Politics and Opinion, numbers 1 & 2, the Wages for Housework issue. Important collection of articles on Wages for Housework and the social factory.

Submitted by NYAOAM on September 28, 2021


  • Editorial: Women are Workers Too
  • A Wages For Housework Pamphlet Reprinted
  • Portrait of a Canadian Housewife - Windsor, Ontario, Wages for Housework Collective
  • Wages For Housework: Questions and Answers - Windsor, Ontario, Wages for Housework Collective
  • Fucking is Work - Wages Due Collective, Toronto, Ontario
  • All Women Are Housewives - Suzie Fleming
  • History of Our Collective - Sylvia Gentile and Betsy Lewis
  • The Social Factory - the Modern Times Collective, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Wages For Housework Bibliography