Falling Wall Review #5 (1976)

Falling Wall Review #5, UK, 1976. Rare pamphlet from Falling Wall Press, publisher of Marxist feminists such as Selma James and Silvia Federici. Issue includes The Social Factory statement from Cleveland Modern Times Group and writing from Silvia Federici among others.

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  • Introduction by Beth Ingber
  • The Social Factory by the Cleveland Modern Times Group
  • From Slaves to Proletarians by Ferruccio Gambino
  • Hillbilly Women by Ruth Hall
  • Homeworking for Next to Nothing by Bonita Lawrence
  • Refusing to Compete by Bruno Ramirez
  • Black Girl and White Doll by Wilmette Brown & Margaret Prescod-Roberts
  • Against Work at Chrysler by Dave Feickert
  • May Day: Housewives Organise by Judith Mathew

The Home and the School

  • View from the Staffroom by Teachers’ Action
  • View from the Kitchen by Silvia Federici
  • Postscript by Jeremy Mulford
  • Our Bodies, Our Struggle by London Wages for Housework Committee

Drawings by Bill Mather

1976 Falling Wall Press, 79 Richmond Rd., Montpelier, Bristol BS6 SEP, England