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This is a call out from the Committee for a De-Nuke General Strike in Japan.

Submitted by Schwarz on March 27, 2011

I can’t cope OH OH I can’t cope, Anymore……

On behalf of students, informal workers and the status-less of the world, we call for a general strike, an immediate suspension of all labor, demanding immediate termination of all the nuclear power plants and abandonment of all the atomic weaponry productions. If not now, when can we begin our lives without nuclear power? If not Japan, suffering as it is under the nuclear disaster, which country can express aspiration for the world without atomic energy?

If you, the workers, ignore the de-nuke general strike, it would mean to kill the germination to realize a world without nuclear power. Due to the inability of judgment of the company animals, the world will continue to be ruled by fear of atomic power and stupidity of atomic ideologues (those who are promoting nuclear weaponry and atomic energy). You will be, like TEPCO (The Tokyo Electric Power Co) and NISA (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency), despised and derided forever by the entire humankind.

Informal workers, students, the poor, laborers, and small business owners are tied to their workplaces in the metropolis and cannot move out from there. Bound by the logic of capitalism, they are at this very moment terrified by the invisible radiation. Being blown by the radioactive wind, yet they cannot abandon their tasks. The poor (or We) are the figure of the world today. Amidst the catastrophe, being bound by capitalism, the culprit of the catastrophe, and being made to serve the catastrophe itself – such figure of the world. Discarding them (ourselves), who are remaining in the metropolis from which exodus is urgently recommended, is equal to sending to the abyss of death and despair not only them (ourselves) but also the world embodied by them (ourselves).

Let us listen to the song of the wind. Blowing in the wind is the answer, the only answer that is a shift to the world without nuclear power. The termination of atomic energy is the task of entire humankind and its realization is up to an immediate abandonment of workplaces of us Japanese workers. If you carry out the strike with your courage, the entire world will respond with voices of support and acts of solidarity. A global movement will arise thrusting the blade for terminating nuclear power plants before the throat of the rulers of the world. If you ignore the strike cowardly, the entire world will be filled with dismay and sorrow. The planet fully loaded with atomic energy continues to deride you, and the ideologues of pro-nuclear power won’t even hide their belittlement of you. You will continue to be despised as “corporate slave” by the world over.

We would like you to think over once more what the hell your employers have given to you. The mutuality, fraternity and unity you share with your colleagues at work places are not gifts of your companies, but proof of your own power. Please do not belittle your own potential. Do you think that your employers would protect treasured bond of your family and yourselves? While you are watching the situation intently over screens trying to make a right judgment, mothers and pregnant women are living a dreadful life of nuclear fear. After all this, can you still continue to tell them: “don’t panic, don’t be anxious”? We repeat: please don’t belittle your own potential.


A war without enemy is going on. The same water cannon trucks that appear in Egypt to quell the revolutionary forces shoot water here in Japan at the reactors turning into hot stone. The forces whose task is supposed to intercept attacks of the axis of evil are confronting the reactors that emit steam-like substance.

While mirage of the postwar flickers, workerist nationalism, wearing as it is a new cloth of reconstruction, is waiting to enter the stage. As it has become a common sense of the world, disasters are nothing short of business opportunities, the utopia of the power.

In the backstage of global summits, world leaders are discussing their post-disaster doctrine. We are just speechless, wondering if even this singular despair, even this singular hope arising out of despair is after all mobilized, managed and governed.

Even if the return to a critical state can be averted, the trust of Japan can never be recovered. It is not even worthy of a joke that the only A-bombed country in the world has given rise to a nuclear disaster comparable to Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. The trust of Japan’s capitalism has been doomed. And still, if Japan cares about its trust at all, it must stop all the nuclear operations and initiate a movement for subverting the global atomic regime.

Let us begin a real war! Godzilla and Gwoemul who spread radiation are, if enemies of rulers and enterprises, not ours. Our real enemy is the capitalists who created and filled the world with these monsters. This is high time to draw them out of the stage, denounce them to their foundation, and oust them from this world. Our weapon is general strike. Let us abandon worthless workplaces, expel the ghost called economy, and do everything we can to help the victims. Now!

March 19th 2011
Committee for De-nuke General Strike
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