Anarchism in the ex Yugoslavia - Trivio Indic

Short pamphlet on the origins of the anarchism movement in the former Yugoslavia. Taken from The Bastard Archive.

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Warning ! The " author " took various places in Serbian government during the war time. Finally he was nominated as ambassador to Spain - he shook a hand to Juan Carlos at Casa Royal ( there is a photo about this ). 1990 in Trieste he expressed his nationalist - racist feelings about Kosovo Albanians what is well registered in a documentary about the event made by french comrades ( soon it will be on the web ). He is the editor of at least 3 books of Dobrica Cosic the main ideologist of Slobodan Milosevic, so I deny any value to this nationalist falsificate crap that has been translated into 4 or 5 languges, even in Spanish. The interesting fact is that at the same time you published e text of Bourrinet about Ciliga which is the same crap. It' s curious ..... is it cooming from the same national stalinist kitchen.