Anarcho-syndicalists and former workers block Bulgarian telecom headquarters over unpaid wages

Former employees of Max Telecom, along with anarchosyndicalists from ARS (Autonomous Worker’s Union) organised a picket demanding the immediate payment of all unpaid wages.

Submitted by evgeni5150 on March 24, 2017

The protest began at 10 am, Friday 24th March, in front of the office of Max Telecom - the fourth-biggest Bulgarian mobile operator. The company owes several salaries to more than 150 people and management considered possible not to pay, but the workers are determined to show them that this will not happen! They gathered about 50 people who besieged the building with chants of "Salaries, now!"

Workers read a statement with their demands then blocked the road. Company managers decided to hide thus, the empty building was stormed by protesting workers and syndicalists who stuck up stickers and posters in the entrances and the offices of the company.

"Dickheads from management had to flee and leave the offices empty, so we put our messages on them and on the locked doors of the premises. Then we blocked the road to Sofia Airport. If you don’t pay our salaries, next time our actions will not be as 'symbolic'! We will no longer tolerate this mockery of our labor! Immediate payment of all outstanding wages!" said one of the angry workers participating in the protest.

Tomorrow, there will be a joint meeting organised by Autonomous Worker’s Union, with striking workers from Picadilly (the other ongoing struggle of ARS) and the workers from Max Telecom. The topic of the meeting is to organise common protest this Monday where the workers from the two companies will come together in solidarity.

Some pictures from the protest: