Auckland McDonald's blockaded in pay and homophobia dispute

Around 30 trade union activists have today blocked entry to the Auckland branch of McDonalds. They are protesting against the dismissal of union delegate, Sean Bailey who had been sacked after exposing proof that McDonald’s had been underpaying workers millions of dollars and not giving them adequate breaks. His dismissal came shortly after being threatened by his manager who told him he would be disciplined if he didn’t act ‘less gay’.

Submitted by working class … on October 26, 2013

Aided by the police, McDonalds had hired several private security goons to ensure that customers could still get into the premises. Several minor scuffles broke out as protesters tried to discuss the issues with customers. The security goons tried to intimidate and draw protesters into confrontation, physically pushing them, and calling people ‘wankers’ (oh the irony).

Unite Union’s spokesperson at the demonstration, Joe Carolan, said that:

“We will defend him as a whistle blower and as a delegate, he’s stood up for 9,000 workers in McDonalds around the country who’ve not had their proper breaks, and found proof that we will be using in court.”

Just before Sean Bailey was sacked he had been confronted by his manager who told him to act ‘less gay’ and to not ‘turn anyone else on shift gay’, otherwise he would be disciplined. The manager was subsequently moved to another branch where he would be free to continue to behave in a homophobic manner.

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