Bakunin and Marx: A Letter to Anton Pannekoek – Kenneth Joseph Kenafick

A copy of Michael Bakunin and Karl Marx by K.J. Kenafick next to the first page of his 12 February, 1949 letter to Anton Pannekoek.

Australian anarchist Kenneth Joseph Kenafick's letter to Dutch council communist Anton Pannekoek (12 February, 1949) on the former's book Michael Bakunin and Karl Marx, Marxian dialectics, and the need for a synthesis of Marxist and anarchist ideas. Part of Pannekoek's reply can be read here. Attached is Kenafick's handwritten copy, obtained from the Association Archives Antonie Pannekoek (Map-016).

Submitted by robynkwinters on August 7, 2023

Dear Dr. Pannekoek,

I am forwarding you by this post a copy of my recently published book “Michael Bakunin and Karl Marx”, which I hope you will find interesting. No doubt you already know a great deal more about Bakunin and I do, but I thought the conclusion of his ideas to present-day movements might prove of value. As I said at the conclusion of a recent article of mine in J.A. Dawson’s paper, it looks as if a synthesis of Marxian and Anarchist ideas on a higher plane is the only feasible line for the working class movement to take to-day.

I have just finished reading your “Lenin as a philosopher” [sic] which is now in the Melbourne Public Library. Had I read it before I published my own book, I might not have reflected [?] as critically as I did to the “Marxian” Dialectic, as it seems that it is Lenin rather than Marx that is primarily responsible for such misuse of the Dialectic by the “Communist” Party to-day.

You will probably disapprove with some of the points in my book. If you do, I should be glad to hear your views as one can always profit by informed and sincere criticism, as I know that yours would be.

Yours sincerely,
K.J. Kenafick