Mikhail Bakunin

1867-73: Bakunin, Elekto de tekstoj

Kolekto de tekstoj de Bakunin

Translation of the antisemitic section of Bakunin's "Letter to Comrades of the Jura Federation"

Mikhail Bakunin.

This is one of the most antisemitic statements by Bakunin, written in 1872 in French, at the start of the text: "Aux Compagnons de la Fédération des Sections internationales de Jura". Another set of extracts from this text were previously posted here, but it didn't include the beginning of the text, which contains the antisemitic passages.
Let me know if something's wrong with this text or translation, because I don't claim to guarantee no mistakes on my part.

The Alliance Syndicaliste on Kropotkin, Malatesta and Bakunin

Solidarité Ouvrière masthead

A three-part series of articles from 1975/6, written by the Alliance syndicaliste révolutionnaire et anarcho-syndicaliste (ASRAS), published in their newspaper Solidarité Ouvrière. The articles take a critical approach to aspects of Kropotkin and Malatesta, whilst offering forward parts of Bakunin as a remedy to their faults.

Extracts from ‘Letter to Comrades of the Jura Federation’ - Mikhail Bakunin

In these extracts from a letter written in March of 1872, Bakunin criticises the nationalism of German socialists, including Marx and his followers, and particularly notions of favouring a State due to its supposedly 'progressive' or 'civilised' character. In doing so, he puts forward an anarchist analysis of the need for consistent internationalism and anti-imperialism, which is worth considering in light of 'Campist' forms of analysis finding renewed popularity in some circles.

A Critique of State Socialism - Mikhail Bakunin and Richard Warren

A comic book critique of state socialism, based on writings by Mikhail Bakunin with additional text and drawings by Richard Warren. First published by Cienfuegos Press in 1981, this PDF was made available by Crimethinc.

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Putting the Record Straight on Bakunin - Solidarite Ouvriere/ASRAS

This text, originally published by Solidarite Ouvriere, the monthly paper of the Alliance Syndicaliste Revolutionnaire et Anarcho-syndicaliste, was first translated into English in the 1970s and published in Libertarian Communist Review #2, and then made available online by the struggle.ws website.