Black Autonomy


Online archive of Black Autonomy, a journal of anarchism and black revolution published in Seattle in the mid-1990s.

The paper was published alternately by Greg Jackson, the Federation of Black Community Partisans, and the Black Autonomy Collective/Black Autonomous International. Lorenzo Kom’Boa Ervin worked on the paper, and frequently contributed articles.

An archived version of the old Black Autonomy website is available here.

With thanks to the Louise Crowley Library archive.



3 months ago

Submitted by Steven. on March 20, 2024

This is great! Saw this go online and was hoping someone would add it


3 months ago

Submitted by Fozzie on March 20, 2024

Yes I was really pleased to see that had happened - I think there may be a few articles to get text versions of here too...


3 months ago

Submitted by westartfromhere on March 21, 2024

Is Black Autonomy a racial/racist expression, or an expression of our class autonomy?

Neither. According to the description on the first page of this journal, Black refers to:


News-journal of African-American Anarchism and Revolution.

The Black of the title is used in combination. It is both a political reference to the Black flag of anarchism and a nationalist reference to the "black" skins of its constituent members, the "African-American Anarchist". Whether there is a third application of Blackness, to refer to one's social class, would require further reading. Read on fellahs:

Editor's Note: ...there is also a very serious need for the White anarchist "movement" to acknowledge that true civilisation did not move up the River Nile but down it, and equally, for this "movement" to acknowledge that Blackness is not the color of one's skin but one's social class.