Black Flag 203 (1993)

Black Flag 203 cover image

An issue of Black Flag magazine from 1993. Relaunched in magazine format.

Submitted by Fozzie on August 20, 2018


  • Editorial
  • Anarcho quiz
  • News
  • Government Doesn't Work
  • Security Alert: Gerry Gable
  • UK anti-fascism
  • Ringing Down The Iron Curtain
  • Sexuality
  • Ireland
  • Policing
  • Red Vienna
  • Prisoners
  • Kate Sharpley Library
  • Reviews
  • Obituaries: J.M Alexander, Leah Feldman

Editorial - We're Back

Our last regular publication of Black Flag was No.201 (Nov 90), although a ‘midnight’ issue, No 202 did appear in November 91. We had intended to resume regular publication then, but failed for a number of reasons.

Many of you have told us we had the best anarchist paper ever and that our return would be marked by dancing in the streets. While we’re not averse to a bit of dancing ourselves, we must ask you for your support in a number of other ways.

We have decided to come out as a quarterly, as the overwhelming cost of postage and printing and the size of our collective makes anything else impractical at the moment. We are trying to keep up the quality and increase the quantity per issue, but this depends on copy and finances. We are still sending Black Flag free to prisoners all over the world and would like to continue sending it for postage for people on the dole.

However, we have no rich backers or friendly secret police agents to fund us. just what we ourselves earn. We cannot survive without donations from our supporters, so if you like what you’re reading, send us some cash. If you can afford it. send us a bit extra to cover our non-paying subscribers - they're inside for us and deserve our support.

Donations to keep BlackFlag going don't have to be money. We also need stamps, envelopes, articles, info, news, graphics and cartoons, repons, translators, fundraisers etc. Translators from all languages are welcome, but particularly East European languages, Italian and Greek. Articles can be taken on disc either size in any IBM compatible word processing package. Please state what package you're using if you send a disc to us.

All trade and back orders are being handled by: AK Distnbution. 22 Lutton Place. Edinburgh, Scotland, E8 9PE.