Black Flag 234 (late 2011)

A bit belatedly, Black Flag would like to announce the free online release of issue 233 of the magazine, along with our customary teaser article for the most recent issue - the one we need you to buy to keep us printing! This time around, Jack Ray, recently returned from Spain, talks about the Indignados movement there. It's a timely article, as Spain's right-wing government beds in with little electoral mandate, but a whole lot of attitude...

Submitted by Rob Ray on November 23, 2011


  • Cover story: The anti-cuts spread
  • Overview: Anarchists and the London riots
  • Analysis: The anti-cuts movement
  • Interview: An Italian anarchist talks about the healthcare battles of USI
  • Analysis: Spain’s Indignados
  • Breathing Utopia: What would change in graphic design, post-revolution?
  • Report: London Design Week
  • History: The Invergordon mutiny
  • History: Stuart Christie on the Spanish Civil War for its 75th anniversary
  • Radical Reprint: James Guillaume
  • Theory: Exploring mandates
  • History: The Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation


  • Review: Venezuela: Revolution as Spectacle
  • Review: The Third Revolution? Peasant and worker resistance to the Bolshevik Government
  • Review: A Critique of State Socialism
  • Hob’s Choice: The best of radical pamphlets from the last six months
  • Review replies: Stair of the SPGB and writer Trevor Bark take up our standing offer and clear up any issues from previous issues

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