Black Flag 235 (2012)

With workfare in the news at the time, this issue focused on the CWU union's enthusiastic support for its use in Royal Mail, alongside articles on the economy, Scottish Independence and the potential consequences of the collapse of the BNP.

For the centre spread, Tom L offered a a slightly different tack on the union question, looking at it from the ruling class point of view, while in history Jack Ray and Iain McKay looked at the 1934 Asturian miners' strike and the Pentonville Five campaign respectively.

Submitted by Rob Ray on October 20, 2015


  • Cover story: Workfare in the post – and the union bosses enabling it
  • Reportage: Far right is back on the streets as the BNP and EDL take a tumble
  • Theory: The reality of inequality
  • Analysis: Our economy roundup
  • Breathing Utopia: Talking about how the NHS won’t benefit from privatisation, but revolution...
  • Analysis: Mike Deeson explains why the AF won’t campaign for Scottish independence
  • Theory: How the ruling class see the trade unionism question
  • History: The Pentonville Five
  • History: The story of the Asturias
  • History: Giving an overview of anarchism, post-1945
  • Radical Reprint: Peter Kropotkin on the use of the strike
  • Syndicalism: McKay on Darlington
  • Berkman: Petard on Russia’s political prisons
  • Cancer: Woodward on the history of a disease
  • Hob’s Choice: Shorts on radical pamphlets
  • Joe Jacobs: Willis on the activist’s days after Cable Street