Black Flag 237 (2015)

The last of the titles from the 2007-15 Black Flag collective looked at a brief wave of squatting in the capital and took an in-depth look at the then-somnolent Parliamentary scene before the rise of Corbynism. A direct action bent saw it pick over the rise and fall of the animal rights movement, and consider how the Trade Union Bill could potentially be resisted.

Submitted by Rob Ray on September 10, 2017


  • Cover story: Squatting and housing struggle
  • Analysis: Scotland and the polls
  • In focus: Patriarchy and men’s rights
  • Reportage: Walking with Radical Routes
  • Comment: Beating the ballot box
  • Reportage: How the State broke animal rights direct action in Britain
  • Report: The Spirit of Revolt archive
  • Theory: Luddism, capitalism and technology
  • In focus: The Trade Union Bill
  • Breathing Utopia: Mining, post-revolution
  • Theory: On anarchism’s true roots
  • History: The First International: Part 2
  • Radical Reprint: Fabbri vs Victor Serge
  • Review: Russell Brand’s political opus
  • Review: Lines of Work
  • Activist bites: Organising in Perth