Black Flag 232 (late 2010)

The October 2010 edition of Black Flag had a particularly international flavour to it, talking about the experiences and problems of "official" migrant workers in the UK, the problems of international development work and about attacks on groups like the Zapatistas in Mexico and cleaners in Sweden.

Submitted by Rob Ray on May 25, 2011


  • Exposé: A US citizen exposes the ever-changing landscape for getting visas and the games played with people’s lives by politicians grubbing for votes
  • Cover story: Ed Goddard pulls on the links between traditional trade unionism and the state – do union bureaucracies deliberately dampen militancy?
  • Analysis: A journalist who has worked the Somali coast gives a different view on ‘progressive’ piracy in the Indian Ocean
  • Reportage: Joe Hell looks at the action in a wave of desperate measures by cleaning staff
  • In Focus: The Anarchist Federation on cuts
  • Breathing Utopia: A former international development worker explains the industry and why it shouldn’t exist
  • Reportage: The Zapatistas are under attack
  • In focus: Proudon, the first anarchist
  • Radical Reprint: Proudhon vs Leroux
  • Analysis: Kropotkin’s social revolution
  • Analysis: Willis’s “history of historians”


  • Review: Pistoleros! one and two
  • Hob’s Choice: The newest pamphlets
  • Review: Lenny Flank and Marxism
  • Review: Dave Douglass – the trilogy

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Rob Ray

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Submitted by Rob Ray on May 25, 2011

As with the previous one, could an admin please delete the preview:

Preview for the new one coming up next (so I'll finally be caught up, hallelujah!)


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Submitted by Steven. on May 26, 2011

Great, thanks.

In future, it might be easiest to not put that it is a preview in the title, to just put that in the intro box. Then when you upload the final version you can just add it and post a comment saying that the final version is now up. This will save us needing to delete things, and also mean that we won't lose Google ranking on articles which get deleted


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Submitted by RedEd on May 26, 2011

First of all, good luck winning the dispute.

With the leaflet, the tone is a bit shouty and doesn't explain why short strikes don't work, and how you can take effective action instead (indefinite strike of the entire workforce being the ideal, but not the only option). Perhaps you'd have more luck with a more explanatory and persuasive leaflet, but arguing for the same things.