Brief report on the assemblée générale of students at Nanterre university 27/11/07

Assemblée générale of students at Nanterre university 27/11/07

A brief account of the results of the meeting, attended by at least 1000 students.

Submitted by jef costello on November 28, 2007

The first motion was that strike committees and coordination with workers and other students were the favoured step and were necessary to win. It refused all attempts to negotiate before the law is withdrawn. and denounced the UNEF for trying to do so.
This was passed by such a massive majority that there was no count.

The second motion was in solidarity with rioters in Villiers-le-Bel and neighbouring areas and condemning police for the deaths of the two boys killed on Saturday.
123 against, 266 abstentions 280 for. Many simply did not vote on this motion.

Third motion. Calling for AGs by teaching and other staff. Recognising that only the combined forces of the university community can hope to defeat the combined forces of the state.
Passed with a massive majority; those voting against, abstaining or making a non-vote all numbered less than 10.

Fourth motion. originally the motion was for a blockade until next Monday, but many students booed. They then offered two votes, one on the blockade itself and one on the date, this was met with applause.

Revised fourth motion for strike action was passed masssively (estimate 900-200) at this point at least 30 students left.

Fifth motion: strike to last until Monday 11 am 445; withdrawal of law 85; 11am tomorrow 134. Both abstentions and non-votes were less than ten each.

after this vote many students began to leave.

The sixth motion was for an occupation to begin immediately, this vote was passed easily.

At this point more students were leaving and those on the stage called on students to remain and participate. Many of those leaving were looking for materials for barricades which they began setting up immediately.