Capitalism - further reading guide

Pyramid of the capitalist system
Pyramid of the capitalist system

libcom's guide to further reading on capitalist economics, crisis and the history of capitalism.

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Capitalist economics and critique of political economy

*Karl Marx:
Wage-Labor and Capital
Value, Price, and Profit
Capital, Vol. 1-3
A Critique of Political Economy
The Poverty of Philosophy
Capital, Vol. 4 (Theories of Surplus Value)
1844 Manuscripts (Alan Freeman's web site, lots of TSS conference materials)
*Beyond Capital: Marx’s Political Economy of the Working Class – Lebowitz
*Open Marxism, 3 Vols. – Bonefeld, et al.
*Marx and Non-Equilibrium Economics – Freeman/Carchedi
*The Limits to Capital – Harvey
*Global Capital, National State and the Politics of Money – Bonefeld/Holloway, Eds.
*Reading Capital Politically - Cleaver
*'Decadence': The Theory of Decline or The Decline of Theory?, 3 parts - Aufheben Web Site
The Invention of Capitalism – M. Perelman
Marx's method in 'Capital': A Reexamination - Moseley, Ed.
New Investigations of Marx's Method - Moseley, et al, Eds.
Marx and Keynes: The Limits of The Mixed Economy – Mattick
Economic Crisis and Crisis Theory – Mattick
Essays on Marx's Theory of Value - Rubin
Marx’s Theory of Crisis – Clarke
Marx, Marginalism and Modern Sociology - Clarke
Capital and Exploitation - John Weeks
Women, Men and the International Division of Labor – Nash/Fernandez-Kelly, Eds.
Outlines of a Critique of Technology - P. Slater

The Transition to Capitalism

Arcane of Reproduction – L. Fortunati
Caliban and the Witch – S. Federicci
The Work of Love – dalla Costa
Man's Worldly Goods - Huberman
The Age of Revolution - Hobsbawm
The Age of Capital - Hobsbawm
The Age of Empire or Industry and Empire – Hobsbawm
*The Brenner Debate – Philpin/Aston, Eds.
The Origin of Capitalism – Wood
The Pristine Culture of Capitalism – Wood
*The Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism – Holton, Sweezey, Dobb, et al.
The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture - D. B. Davis
The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Revolution - D. B. Davis
*Capitalism and Slavery – Williams
*The Many-Headed Hydra – Linnebaugh/Rediker
The Making of New World Slavery – Blackburn
Studies in The Development of Capitalism - M. Dobb
Social Origins of Dictatorship and Development - B. Moore, Jr.
The Rise and Fall Of The Great Powers - P. Kennedy
Absolutism and Revolution in Germany, 1525-1848 - Mehring
*Europe and The People Without History - Wolf
Religion and The Rise of Capitalism - R. H. Tawney
The Colonizer’s Model of the World – Blaut
The Invention of Capitalism – M. Perelman
A History of Capitalism – M. Beaud
The Structures of Everyday Life: Civilization and Capitalism - Fernand Braudel
The Wheels of Commerce: Civilization and Capitalism – Fernand Braudel
The Perspective of the World: Civilization and Capitalism – Fernand Braudel
Modern World System I-III – I. Wallerstein
The Capitalist World Economy - Wallerstein

Class Composition, Overaccumulation and Crisis (and related materials)

*The Politics of Change – Bonefeld, Ed.
*The Politics of Europe – Bonefeld/Psychopedis, Eds.
*Keynsianism, Monetarism and the Crisis of the State – Clarke
*Global Capital, National State and the Politics of Money – Bonefeld/Holloway, Eds.
*Historical Materialism, Issues #4, 5 (Critique of Brenner)
*The Remaking of the American Working Class, The Restructuring of Global Capital and the Recomposition of Class Terrain – L. Goldner (on website w/ debate on document)
Working Class Autonomy and the Crisis - Red Notes
Autonomous Struggles and the Capitalist Crisis
*Capital and Class, Issues #52, 67
Accumulation Crisis - J. O'Connor
From Capitalist Crisis to Proletarian Slavery - George Caffentzis
Midnight Oil: Work, Capitalism, Energy – Midnight Notes Collective
Cyber-Marx – Dyer-Witherford
Socialism or Barbarism – I. Meszaros
Empire – Negri
In Praise of Hard Industries – E. Fingleton

“Marxist” Political Economy of the Crisis (and related materials)

*Uneven Development and the Long Downturn - Robert Brenner, New Left Review #229
The Boom and the Bubble – Brenner
Turbulence and the World Economy - Brenner
Late Capitalism - Mandel
The Second Slump - Mandel
The Crisis - Mandel
Restructuring the World Economy - J. Kolko
The Falling Rate of Profit in the Post-War United States Economy – Moseley
After Liberalism – I. Wallerstein
The New Imperialism - Biel
Globalization: The Critique of a New Orthodoxy, Chris Harman, ISJ #73
Explaining the Crisis - Chris Harman
The Faltering Economy - Foster/Szlajfer, Eds.
The Limits of Capital - Harvey
U.S. Capitalism in Crisis – David M. Gordon
Super-Profits and Crises! - V. Perlo
Turbulence in Economics: An Evolutionary Appraisal of Cycles and Complexity in Historical Processes - Francisco Louca
Long Cycles: Prosperity and War in the Modern Age - J. Goldstein
Two Crises: Latin America and Asia 1929-38 and 1973-83 – A. Maddison
The Dynamics of U.S. Capitalism
The End of Prosperity
The Deepening Crisis of U.S. Capitalism
Stagnation and the Financial Explosion
The Irreversible Crisis



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