Chile: Forest workers strike over, unions call for continued protests against police violence

Cisternas funeral courtesy of sindicato audiovisual
Cisternas funeral courtesy of sindicato audiovisual

May 9, 2007: The Building and Wood Workers International reports the end of the strike of more than 7,000 workers against Celulosa Arauco y Constitución SA – the largest forestry and pulp producing company in Chile.

Submitted by David in Atlanta on May 13, 2007

The Chilean Confederacion de Trabajadores Forestales, affliated with the BWI, negotiated a raise in wages of 12% wage rise for the highest earners and a 52% rise for the lowest earners. All other demands had been met prior to the strike, which was called in response to the company's offer of a 5% raise.

A strike blockade was attacked by the police on May 3, leading to the death by gunfire of 26 year old Rodrigo Cisternas. BWI is calling for continued protests to the Chilean government in response to the violence

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