Communist Bulletin, Issue 09 - Autumn 1985

Cover of Communist Bulletin issue 09
Cover of Communist Bulletin issue 09

Communist Bulletin, Issue 09 - Autumn 1985

Submitted by schalken on May 9, 2016

"Teachers Strike." Written in the aftermath of the Miners strike in Spring, this article attempts to outline the role of the teachers unions in the present dispute.
"Leaflet." A leaflet produced for an intervention on one of the day long strikes called by the E.I.S.
"Brussels Riots." An analysis of the real causes of violence on the terraces.
"Welfare state." The attack on this aspect of the social wage in Britain as a major class weapon of the bourgeoisie.
"Russian Revolution." A contribution from Hong Kong on the continuing debate on the revolutionary wave.
"Correspondence." (a) The perils of sectarianism as demonstrated by our correspondence with two comrades in Belfast. (b) Further turmoil within the ICC demonstrates the sectarianism and monolithism of this group.
"Jan Appel." The death of this revolutionary and the translation of the intervention made by him at the Third Congress of the Comintern in 1921.
"Consciousness: Class and Party." A contribution to the debate on class consciousness.


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