Communist Bulletin, Issue 08 - April 1985

Cover of Communist Bulletin issue 08.
Cover of Communist Bulletin issue 08.

Communist Bulletin, Issue 08 - April 1985

Submitted by schalken on May 11, 2016

"After Defeat of the Miners - What Next for the Class Struggle in Britain." A preliminary assessment of the effects in Britain of the longest strike the country has seen in the context of world wide rise in class struggle.
"Wildcat on One Aspect of the Miners Strike." An excellent article from the Wildcat group on the extension of involvement in the strike beyond the unions.
"Poland - Five Years after the Mass Strike." Price rises in Poland and Solidarnosc's emasculation of class response.
"Capitalist Barbarism in Africa." A text by Tampa on how capitalism creates famine in Third World.
"Perspectives on the Political Situation in the U.S.A." A Tampa article about the political options available to the US bourgeoisie.
"Capitalist Crisis - No Recovery." A perspectives text on the dynamic of the economic crisis of capitalism showing that despite claims to the conrary the system is terminally diseased.
"Capital's Drive to War." The logic of capitalist crisis leads the bourgeoisie to World War. How far along the path are they?
"CWO: Turning Marxism on its Head." LLM of Hong Kong on the CWO's move towards Battaglia and how this effects their previous clarity on a number of issues.


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