Communist Bulletin, Issue 12 - Summer 1987

Cover of Communist Bulletin issue 12.
Cover of Communist Bulletin issue 12.

Communist Bulletin, Issue 12 - Summer 1987

Submitted by schalken on May 9, 2016

"The British Election." Whether Tories or labour would have won there would be no real change in the bosses lineup against the workers.
"Divisions Within the Proletariat." What the election revealed about the consciousness of the proletariat.
"Leaflet." A leaflet aimed at those workers who though militant were thinking of voting.
"Barbie - Just Another Capitalist Humanitarian." The entire history of Capitalist is the history of brutal crimes against humanity.
"The Attack on Working Class Housing and Benefits." The bourgeoisie's continuing and deepening attack on the social wage.
"What is Gorbachov Up To in Russia." As the Capitalist crisis deeps in Russia the bourgeoisie are trying desperate and radical measures to escape catastrophe.
"British Revolutionaries of the Thirties and Forties." A review of the recent pamphlet from the group 'Solidarity' published by Wildcat.
"Blast from the Past." One of the 'Solidarity' texts from 1940 "To Anti-Parliamentarians."
"Two Texts for Defining the Communist Programme." LLM of 'International Correspondence.' A review of his recent book on the programme of the Transition Period, the capitalist nature of Russia and China and the defeat of the revolution in Russia.


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