Court injunction issued in an attempt to break Canadian wildcat strike

Supreme court in Newfoundland issues injunction against construction workers in order to break an unofficial strike over pay.

Submitted by working class … on July 13, 2012

The newfoundland and Labrador supreme court has given an injunction to bosses to help the break a wildcat strike at a construction site in Long Harbour.

Around 2,000 workers walked off the job on Thursday, and then proceeded to block entrances into the site.

Workers are angry with levels of pay. Workers on the site are earning on average, $15 an hour less than comparable workers in other areas of Canada.

Another issue is the way in which the bosses are interpreting the collective agreement on things such as travel and living allowances.

Furthermore, workers are upset at their own union for not addressing their concerns. Predictably, the union are not supporting the action. Both the bosses, and the union, are yet to officially comment about the dispute.


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Thanks for the WCSO, any libcommers been down to the picket line?