Deptford, Hackney, Tottenham respond

Deptford Street Assembly Aug 9, photo from South London SolFed
Deptford Street Assembly Aug 9, photo from South London SolFed

A look at how some communities in London have been responding to the riots which have swept the country.

Submitted by Ramona on August 10, 2011

I've just seen this on Facebook and twitter, interesting to see how Lewisham (London's most radical borough, according to SLSF comrades...) responds to the rioting. This call out came from a street assembly tonight in Deptford High Street.


emergency demonstration against the cuts which caused the riots. today (wednesday 10th) 6.30pm from the anchor, deptford high street, to lewisham town hall, catford.

I've also seen this facebook event set up by the North London Assembly:

Give Our Kids a Future! A North London Unity Demonstration
13 August · 13:00 - 15:00
Gillett Square Dalston to Tottenham Green

This march is called by The North London Assembly, a temporary Assembly which saw 70 local community activists meet at the North London Community House on Tuesday 9th August to discuss our reaction to the riots of early August in Tottenham and Hackney. It includes people from many Turkish and Kurdish community groups, like Day Mer and Gik Der, and also the Haringay and Hackney Alliances for Public Services who are all supporting this march.
We state that this is not us seeking to represent the community but it is our attempt to try to bring unity to the community in which we live. It is neither supporting nor condeming the events but seeking the most positive outcome from them.
This will be a positive and peaceful march with an Assembly at the end for people to express what they are thinking about recent events
The NLA will be putting out a full statement / demands tomorrow which will be sent out to all on this list.

Youth Fight for Jobs also called a meeting and demonstration in Tottenham on 16th Aug.

Hopefully out of these various lefty happenings something a bit more directed can come out of the rioting, and we can highlight the context of the rioting before they're written off as "mindless" violence. If I wasn't up here in sunny Scotland I'd be along to these, and I'll be interested to hear what any libcommers have to say about how they go!



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Submitted by Ramona on August 11, 2011

From South London SolFed:

On the night of 9th August, Deptford residents held a street meeting to congregate in a peaceful fashion in order to meet each other and reclaim our streets from the fear and misinformation being spread about the riots. It was called by local Solfed members that day after discussions with neighbours over concerns of residential fires. The previous night had seen several shops and bookies smashed in and looted on the high street.

At 6pm a group of 30 residents met and decided to reconvene at 8.30pm with an aim to prevent and put out any potential fires and discuss the events of the last few days. This was not a reactionary vigilantism but a considered act of solidarity and grass roots initiative.

In the night, 100 people came out to support each other and talk. A banner was made to show others what we were about and speeches were given. Many people spoke of the problems that young people and the whole working class is facing and the need to act collectively to make changes. Out of the discussion came a decision to hold an emergency demonstration the next day against the cuts and to highlight some of the causes behind the riots.