Direct Action (SolFed) #13 1999

an abstract image of a pair of eyes and pair of hands superimposed on the word "Cult"

An issue of the anarcho-syndicalist magazine Direct Action themed around cults and religion.

Submitted by Fozzie on August 10, 2022

CounterCULTure: Contents

  • A whine to the divine: Religious belief rests on that single concept - faith. You cannot know but you must ‘believe’. An unbeliever muses.
  • actions + comment: McDangerous; Pollysexual; Reclaiming Railtrack; Country Slums.
  • Do you guru? Suicide or murder not your idea of a good belief system? Myriad shades of clerical charlatans would have you think different.
  • blairedvision special:
    Sicksystem: Home Secretary Jack Straw wants a prison regime which encourages prison gangs and rape. Still, the profits will be enormous.
    SnooperComputers: Big Brother is out there, but not quite as clever as you think (yet).
    Councilling with bosses: Works Councils - the fat cats’ best friends.
  • international news: Uncle Sam on the warpath; Israel; Nigeria; Burma; Canada; Global Transport Workers; Spain; US; West Papua; Bangladesh.
  • globalfocus: Standstill mystics on the move: Falun Gong - traditional, conservative and with regards to sex, downright reactionary - much like the Chinese ‘Communist’ leadership which is targeting them.
  • Homegrown Cult: Chris Brain, the infamous Nine O’clock Service leader, was exposed as a serial abuser.
    But how did he get away with it? For the first time in print, a personal account of Rebecca’s life in the centre of the NOS cult phenomenon.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - CULTure
  • ideas for change: Rage against the (monotheistic) machine / Anarchosyndicalism: eco-cred or cynical sell?
  • counterCULTure reviews
    Bare-Faced Messiah: The true story of L. Ron Hubbard - Russell Miller
    Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, delusion and the appetite for wonder - Richard Dawkins
    review feature: slavery
    I was born a slave - An Anthology of Classic Slave Narratives
    (2 Vols) - Yuval Taylor
    Britain’s Slave Trade - S. I. Martin
  • book reviews
    The Lugano Report: On preserving Capitalism in the Twentieth Century - Susan George
    The Diamond Signature - J. J. Ratter aka Penny Rimbaud
    Crass Art And Other Pre Post-Modernist Monsters - Gee Vaucher
    Do Or Die No. 8
    20 year Millenium Wildcat - Donald Rooum
    The Prawn Cocktail Party: The Hidden Power behind New Labour - C. Ramsey
  • periodical reviews: Fortean Times. The Journal of Strange Phenomena / The Freethinker. Secular Humanist Society
  • Nation of Islam: Charmed & dangerous: NoI charms the underbelly of a disaffected black working class generation. Politics is limited to replacing a white Christian autocracy with a black Muslim one, but plenty of people feel the appeal.


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