Direct Action (SolFed) #16 2000

A male figure with sunglasses stands in front of a skyscraper, attacked by a club held in a gloved hand - money falls to the ground.

An issue of anarcho-syndicalist magazine Direct Action from the year 2000, with a theme of management.

Submitted by Fozzie on August 15, 2022

mismanagement: Contents

  • Inhuman Resources: The last two decades have seen an explosion in Human Resource Management. Behind all the teamwork talk and management training courses lurks a smiling monster.
  • Management take-over: Universities used to be collegiate, well-meaning and politely run (sic). Now, those nasty captains of capitalism have taken the helm. The managers have arrived.
  • actions+comment
    Fat Cats in sheep’s clothing.
    New Labour means monkey business. Asylum Actions.
    Casualisation kills.
    In the trough. 58 Dead? – no, over 2000.
    Pride and prejudice. Birmingham action against capitalism.
    Sidelines: New Labour, Cheap labour; Slam Islam; Lesbian Avengers; Desperate destruction; Mobile update; Lindo family; Shopping Asda; Safe criminals; Political parenting; Oil slaves; Solidarity appeal.
  • Naff off NAFTA: The GM food fight; one battle in war for corporate dominance.
  • Organsnatchers: The ultimate logic of capitalism is that to survive, you must find something to sell. Even if it is your body parts.
  • international news: Canada, Korea, USA, Ireland, Czech Republic, Colombia, South Africa, West Bank, Mexico, Bolivia.
  • 'NASS'ty, brutish & short-changed: Essential guide to the new National Asylum Support Service (NASS). Plus; where it leaves asylum seekers and the pro-asylum resistance.
  • Miscarriage or travesty? Miscarriages of justice - still being ‘defended’ by the incompetent forces of law and order. Plus; Justice for Mark Barnsley.
  • globalfocus: Another midsummer murder- Who was Shaka Sankofa and why did the US state kill him?
  • Getting personal: gay politics in Britain after the Clause 28 debacle.
  • notes+letters: Monkey business; Millennium dome; Tribute to Jim Allen.
  • ideas for change Self-management; Creating a self-managed society goes beyond mere democracy.
  • mismanagement reviews
    The Couriers are Revolting! History of the Despatch Industry Workers Union
    1989-92 - Des Patchrider.
    Beaten Up, Fitted Up, Locked Up! Mark Barnsley & ‘The Pomona Incident’ - A Miscarriage of Justice.
  • music and festival reviews: FREE MUMIA ABU-JAMAL compilation, The Big Green Gathering.
  • periodical reviews: Lobster, Index On Censorship.
  • book reviews: Michael G Smith: Language and Power in the Creation of the USSR, 1917-1953, The Ingerland factor. Home truths from football Edited by Mark Perryman.
  • Anarchism vs. Marxism: Economic theory and the reality of everyday life; anatomy of a 150-year feud.


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