Doctors' strikes without borders

Underfunded: Lagos University Hospital
Underfunded: Lagos University Hospital

Medical doctors in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Yemen have walked out this week in rows over pay, conditions and safety.

Submitted by Steven. on January 7, 2009

The New Nation of Bangladesh reported that internee doctors in Barisal launched a wildcat strike on Saturday 3 January, issuing six demands.

Demands included improved safety for workers, better health and sanitation provision and a reduction in the number of visitors to the hospital.

The walkout was allegedly sparked following the a theft from a member of staff. Management responded by stating it would meet to discuss the 120 doctors "legitimate" demands.

Meanwhile, hospitals in Nigerian capital Lagos were "paralysed" from new year's eve according to by another stoppage by medics.

Many staff stayed away from work, as others provided only a skeleton service, or boycotted patients under 45.

Workers are demanding better health provision and improved pay - the doctors have already been waiting 2 years for a previously agreed pay offer to be implemented.

Finally, on Tuesday 6 December a doctors' general strike began in Sana'a in Yemen following the stabbing of one medic by a tribesman.

Doctors walked out in all private and many public hospitals and say that they will remain out until the attacker is brought to justice by authorities.

According to NewsYemen, the victim, Dr. Derham al-Qadasi, remains in a critical condition.