E15: Tommy Robinson's career in 'journalism'

12 Rules for What are joined by journalist James Poulter to discuss far right political activist Tommy Robinson's career in fake journalism and the propects for the Free Tommy campaignin 2019.

Submitted by 12rulesforwhat on July 26, 2019

As Tommy Robinson was sent to prison for the second time for commiting contempt of court he wore a shirt enblazoned with the words 'Convicted of Journalism'. His career as a fake journalist fits into a wider trend of far right and fascist propagandists taking on the mantle of journalist to provide cover for their hateful politics.

We are joined by actual journalist James Poulter, who has extensively covered Tommy Robinson, to discuss how Robinson came to style himself a citizen journalist, the make up of the far right coalition that coalacesed around Robinson in 2017-18 and the prospects for the Free Tommy movement in 2019.

Danny Tommo failed kidnapper: www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/crime/bun…empt-1-7501996

Rebel media meltdown: nationalpost.com/news/canada/poli…ltdown-continues