The Echo of the Crutches: An Essay on Manuel Escorza del Val – Víctor Malavez

Manuel Escorza del Val
Manuel Escorza del Val

The first installment of a planned series of articles on Manuel Escorza del Val and the espionage and counterespionage agency he directed during the Spanish Civil War (the Investigation and Intelligence Commission of the CNT-FAI), with discussions of the espionage agencies of the Nationalists, the Catalonian government, the Republican parties, the Communists, as well as other anarchist and anarchosyndicalist special operations groups, including the German anarchosyndicalist exiles (DAS), focused for the most part on their activities in Catalonia and on the French border.

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Once again, thanks for a fascinating find and brilliant translation.

This is a useful companion to the Guillamón biography (also translated by Alias and available here). Sadly all too few attempts have been made to disentangle Escorza's activity from the appalling ableism that taints so many of the recorded testimonies regarding his character, and which has bled into the mainstream historiography.