Employee sabotage in a New Jersey university

Adam, a university maintenance worker recounts some small-scale collective sabotage and unofficial pay increase.

Submitted by libcom on December 30, 2005

We get in and out of the buildings very easily without being questioned. We always look like we belong wherever we may be because we wear work gloves and have a truck with the university insignia on it. The university spans across an entire city in New Jersey, so we can go wherever we want without our supervisors thinking anything of it. This gives us a lot of freedom to do whatever we want. We regularly drive the truck to one co-worker's house and go to sleep for a couple of hours, and then we go back and punch out.

The university was renovating an academic building and they put a lot of the furniture, carpet, space heaters and track lights in a warehouse that our department shares with whatever department was being renovated. It was all just piled up and none of it was labelled. I figured no one would miss anything. One day I told my boss we had to work overtime because there was a lot to do. Then three of us loaded up the university truck with two dressers, two desks, three chairs, three beds and some lights. Later I went back and got two carpets. A guy I worked with got two mattresses and track lights.

I took most of the stuff because I was moving into a new apartment. I didn't own any furniture and I needed it. It was free and very easy to take; no one questioned us and I don't think anyone even noticed. They were so incredibly disorganised. If they did miss the stuff, they probably just chalked it up to the move.

If I had to rationalise doing it, I'd say that there wasn't a revenge motive, just fair give and take.

This is an edited extract from Sabotage in the American Workplace by Martin Sprouse taken from prole.info

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