Enfield Visteon occupation updates, 7 April

Brief notes on today's key events in the occupation of the Enfield Visteon plant.

Submitted by Ex-temp on April 7, 2009

- a group of Belfast Visteon workers (from their occupied plant) visited the Enfield plant today and brought their solidarity to a meeting of those in the occupation.
- there is currently a meeting in London of Ford union convenors (also attended by Enfield and Belfast workers) which is discussing the situation
- a group of the Enfield workers and supporters went off to leaflet Dagenham car workers
- as far as I know Kevin the convenor and Unite union leaders are, as agreed, preparing to go to the US for negotiations
- it has been discovered by the workers that Visteon secretly set up a shadow company a couple of months ago...
- over 200 people attended a very powerful support meeting in Tottenham last night, called by the Enfield and Haringey Trades Councils. 7 Visteon workers attended, handed out leaflets, and 3 of them spoke movingly about the outrageous way they were treated, how they took over the plant, and how overwhelmed and grateful they are for all the support they've received.
- support messages have been coming in from all over the UK and the world, many talk about how they are publicising the situation widely in their areas (**see note below)
- many trades unionists are organising workplace meetings and collections in support
- media interest remains very high
- Wed 12 noon: Family Day outside
- Thurs 11am: mass rally outside in support of the Visteon occupation

Some other issues:
- there is debate inside the plant about the negotations and next steps
- it has been decided that only workers will be allowed in and out of the occupied plant
- there currently doesn't seem to be any functioning internet communication inside the plant
- (** see above) messages of support are being printed out elsewhere, brought to the plant and then handed to a shop steward inside
- money can be brought to the plant, or cheques sent to 'Haringey Solidarity Group', PO Box 2474, London N8 [write on the back 'For Visteon Occupation']. All money collected this way will be handed to the Visteon workers.

Re communications issues, in the light of the above it might be useful if there was a communication point set up by supporters outside during the day, with net access and a printer.