Visteon occupation

The role and activities of the Ford Visteon Workers (Enfield) Support Group

Ford Visteon Workers

This booklet looks at the effectiveness of the Ford Visteon Workers (Enfield) Support Group (SG) that was set up in April 2009. The group was formed solely to give solidarity and support to the Enfield Ford Visteon workers who first occupied, then picketed their factory for six weeks from April 1st to 15th May 2009. This pamphlet is intended as a record of the support group that set up to assist the Enfield workers and as a tool for future workers support groups. We do not discuss the actual dispute here, as that has been looked at in detail already (see references at the end for further reading). We also accept that our experiences may not be applicable to every situation.

Ford Visteon Enfield Workers Occupation - Alan Woodward

Gert  Arntz - Krise (Crisis), 1931

An eyewitness account of the 2009 Enfield Ford-Visteon factory occupation, written immediately after the event. The author was the only full-time occupier who was not a former worker at the plant.

Sticky fingers: KPMG and the accountancy oligopoly

Following their involvement in the bankruptcy of car parts manufacturer Visteon, John Barker examines KPMG and the murky world of the "big four" accountancy firms.

Visteon asks to pay millions in executive bonuses

Visteon workers fight redundancy earlier this year

Visteon Corp., which moved last week to cut off retiree health-care benefits, has asked a bankruptcy judge to authorize up to $80 million in management and insider bonuses.

Sacked union convenor reinstated at Linamar Swansea

Rob Williams, the union convenor sacked at the Linamar plant in Swansea, has been reinstated just hours before plant workers were due to go on strike.

The struggle at Visteon, the union and the development of class consciousness, 2009

Joe Thorne from The Commune analyses the Ford Visteon workers occupation and dispute, the role of the union, and draws lessons for workers in the future. The article was published on 5th May 2009.

Report and reflections on the UK Ford-Visteon dispute 2009: a post-Fordist struggle

A detailed account and analysis of the struggle of Ford-Visteon car manufacturing workers who occupied and picketed their plants after being sacked when their employers declared themselves bankrupt.

Linamar workers in Swansea to strike this Thursday


Workers at the Linamar plant in Swansea are set to strike this Thursday in support of sacked union convenor Rob Williams.

Swansea Linamar workers to strike in support of sacked convenor


Workers at the Linamar plant in Swansea have voted in favour of an all-out strike in support of sacked union convenor Rob Williams.

Belfast Ford/Visteon workers vote to accept deal

Ford/Visteon Belfast workers today (Sunday 3rd May) voted 147 to 34 to accept the deal already accepted on Friday by Enfield and Basildon Ford/Visteon workers.