Sacked union convenor reinstated at Linamar Swansea

Rob Williams, the union convenor sacked at the Linamar plant in Swansea, has been reinstated just hours before plant workers were due to go on strike.

Submitted by Choccy on June 11, 2009

Workers at the Linamar (formerly Visteon) plant were due to begin strike action at 6am this morning. Workers had overwhelmingly voted in support of an indefinite 'all-out' strike, with the chief demand being the reinstatment of their fellow worker and union convenor. The vote had an 88% turn-out.

According to the Socialist Party, of whom Williams is a member, he has been unconditionally reinstated as convenor at the Linamar Swansea plant, effective today.

His reinstatement is being hailed as a victory for the Swansea plant workers, and a message through the Socialist Party website said:
"Rob and all the Linamar workers want to thank everyone for their solidarity. There will be a victory event in the near future."

Rob Williams was sacked from Linamar in late April after a 'breakdown of trust' according to management. Supporters have been informed that a proposed support demonstration in Swansea is being called-off due to Williams' reinstatement.



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This is great news, really excellent. Well done to all involved!

Armchair Anarchist

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:D I don't really have that much in the way of analysis to add, just :D


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Interesting that union leadership seem to have played quite a positive role in this particular dispute.